Helping companies to embrace a change culture

Unida team with an impressive resume of change management projects and high success rate in corporate transformational initiatives under its belt foremost tries hard to fully comprehend the root causes of the organizational problem areas. Based on this diagnostic background Unida then acts as a strategic partner and offers realistic solutions to its clients.


Identifying The Talent - Assessment Services

Today’s corporate agenda rightly focuses on identifying the specific talent pool who is expected to ensure the current and future success of the organization through an objective, fair and systematic process. Unida aims to support this critically important HR objective with well -tested personality questionnaires and other asssesment tools.


Developing And Retaining The Talent

We are more and more aware that people are the the most valuable asset of any company active in today’s business world with massive competition and huge need for innovative outlook. Talent then is the ultimate solution! Companies needless to say go out to the market to attract, employ, develop and thus retain those employees who will secure the present and future performance of the organization. Unida is there to serve this purpose and helps clients to develop a strong talent management program.


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Since 1991 Criterion helps the organisations to succeed by applying psychology to the way they recruit, develop and retain talented people. Criterion develops and publishes online psychometrics, personality questionnaires, ability tests and situational judgement tests. The company also designs and delivers leadership programmes and training & development interventions.

ID, established in 1996, is one of Turkey’s leading consulting firms dedicated to Executive Assessment, Search & Recruitment services with a partnership approach that provides boutique service to clients. The local expertise and an in-house HR experience combined with an extensive network and database of professionals empowers ID in identifying candidates most qualified to address the client’s business challenges.