Graduating from The Bosphorus University Faculty of Business Administration, majoring in Political Science, Saide Kuzeyli has first worked as a research assistant at the Middle East Technical University, during her masters degree studies in Public Administration and International Relations.

Starting at T.İş Bank as a junior training officer, she has held numerous positions in the training department and later has joined Interbank as Senior Vice President in charge of training and later promoted to Head of HR. During her Interbank years she has attended the Harvard University - change management executive program.

Joining Garanti Bank, she has served as EVP in charge of strategic support functions (HR, Training, Organizational and System Development and Social Services Departments).

During her 12 years at Garanti Bank as a member of the Executive Committee she has been actively involved in numerous turn-around projects and has collaborated with several consultancy firms and vendor companies; an alliance that has paved the way for the Bank to grow rapidly and profitably achieving a broad customer base with the focus on a change embracing culture that has been enabled by huge investments in the work force and leadership development programs.

During her Garanti years she was instrumental in the realization of the collaboration with the Harvard Business School where Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter has written the Garanti Case for MBA students.

Her next assignment has been to set up an HR shared services company, Humanitas and as Chief Executive Officer lead the way to provide state of the art HR services to Group companies. Humanitas’s mission has been to deploy best practices and be instrumental in know- how transfer to benefit Doğuş Group human capital.

Humanitas has served the financial, retail and automotive sectors and the media enterprises of the Group covering almost 23 000 employees, while providing HR consultancy for non-group companies.

Four outstanding achievements of Humanitas experience has been the design and implementation of Doğuş Leadership Program, deployment of e-learning system, recruitment and training of high potential for future management trainees , and the restructuring of the compensation and fringe benefits scheme for the top executives of the Group.

Humanitas has been awarded with the best e-learning company of the year by the monthly economic review Capital. Doğuş Group following several mergers and restructuring initiatives; closed down Humanitas in August 2003.

Saide Kuzeyli and Zeynep Berberoğlu; long time associates then established Unida Ltd. in October of 2003.

During her long career with the Doğuş Group, Saide Kuzeyli has served on the Executive and management boards of The Holding and other group companies such as Tansaş, Macrocenter and GÖSAŞ.


A graduate of the Middle East Technical University-Faculty of Administrative Sciences, she has majored in public administration. She has started her long tenure in banking at T. İş Bank Training Department and continued her career at Interbank which she has joined as a senior training specialist and later at Garanti Bank where she has worked as assistant manager first and later getting promoted to Training Center Manager.

During her Garanti years, she has been heavily involved with the restructuring of the training function, approaching it as a key strategic enabler for the change process. It was also during this period that consultancy services from the Bank of America were utilized to develop a brand new approach to course, trainer and material development.

The major achievements of this period can be summarized as the launching of certification programmes in basic banking areas, deployment of change management training programs for all employees and management development initiatives on a personal and departmental involvement level in the intense transformation process of the Bank as a member of the change agents group.

Zeynep Berberoğlu; during the second stage in her career, was appointed as a project manager to lead the “Re-Engineering Project”. She has worked with IBM Consultancy during this massive restructuring initiative which has resulted in the re-design of the majority of the Bank processes.

Following the project, she continued to gain valuable expertise in the re-engineering area through additional project management involvement in other Group companies such as Tansaş-the National retail chain and Garanti Leasing.

She has later joined Humanitas as Deputy General Manager in charge of Organizational Development and Selection and Placement functions, following a position as Head of the Human Resources Department at Macrocenter -another national chain owned by the Group.

In Humanitas under her leadership, over 2000 employees have been recruited to manpower the Group companies for 3 consecutive years as well as carrying out several organizational development projects for the Group and non-group companies.

Zeynep Berberoğlu has set up Unida, an HR and Training services company in partnership with Saide Kuzeyli, along time colleague in October of 2003.