In founding Unida in October 2003, we set our mission simply as helping our clients help themselves. Our challenge is to fully understand the type of people and management issues our clients come face to face and help pave the way for lasting solutions.

To achieve these objectives we feel committed to support them in identifying their true needs and priorities. We strive to address these; in a joint effort with practical, well tested and corporate culture sensitive solutions.

To further support our value proposition, we also act as facilitators in the change process which most companies are struggling with in the highly competitive business environment. We aim to help the management team perceive HR as an enterprising enabler and a powerful management tool, rather than an operational unit. In short we want to contribute to elevating HR as a bold change initiator with a strategic business outlook.

We believe our combined corporate expertise of more than 5 decades in HR, training, assessment, coaching, change and project management areas will add value to our projects and we will make a real difference for our clients.

We believe that in Turkey today; the labour market has increasingly been requiring more complex skills and a growing number of companies have been defining their employees as their richest resources. These new breed of companies target a stronger presence in the local and global markets and/or wish to attract foreign capital. They understand that their human capital can make the biggest difference in today’s cut-throat competition securing a better future for all stakeholders. As Unida we are excited about this profound change in our profession and feel dedicated to urge these newly emerging companies strongly to develop and implement an integrated HR system based on a clear strategic HR vision.

In short we wish to support them to walk their talk and help them in setting a sound HR architecture.

We plan to keep Unida a small but a highly driven, dynamic and boutique sized company that will allow our clients to experience the special care and focus that brings us repeat business, and build a lot of trust. In short, we are committed to create first hand solutions for real life challenges.