Any organization that has the market driven, thus the inevitable mandate to build a high performance culture and a sustainable and profitable business demonstrates this awareness by a number of investments; one of which beyond any doubt is to identify and develop future leaders.One crucial step in this endeavor is assesing the human capital to determine the existing competent and high potential employees. It is undoubtedly crucial that this process is administered fairly, openly and systematically. One of Unida’s major areas of expertise is to help companies evaluate employees for development and assesment purposes with the help of our well tested and widely administered psycometric tools and personality questionnaires. To this effect Unida has been partnering with and a representative of Criterion; a leading test publishing company based in Brighton, United Kingdom in assessment and development services since 2006.

Criterion has been developing and publishing online psychometrics, personality questionnaires, ability tests and situational judgment tests serving various world and UK companies with great success, receiving many national awards and nominations. They have also been designing and delivering leadership programs and training & development interventions since 1991.

Unida has been providing two main products in the assessment and development area. These are:

Assessment and Development Exercises: Odyssey
Online Psychometrics and Tests: Coast

Odyssey: Assessment and Development Exercises

The overall objective of the assessment or development exercises is to evaluate strengths and development needs in action and reach the right decisions about recruitment, promotion and succession. The exercises developed by Criterion build rich, penetrating and precise insights through activities that are engaging, distinctive, and thought-provoking for participants.

Odyssey exercises are based on business scenarios, which, like a story or journey, have a beginning, middle and an end to evoke a range of human emotions and motivations. These may include: challenge, passion, humor, success, surprise and learning.

Assessment or development centers may last one to two days depending on the competencies to be evaluated. The participants are observed by different observers to ensure objective assessment. All Unida assessors have had executive and managerial experience in the corporate world and have been trained by Criterion.

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Coast: Criterion online assessment and selection technologies

Coast is a flexible online assessment platform that enables you to create bespoke assessment campaigns for recruitment and development processes.

Personality assessments and aptitude tests provide deeper insights into participants’ potential. When findings are explored alongside observations from other exercises and interviews, a fully rounded picture of the individual’s job suitability or development needs is formed.

Criterion Attribute Library (CAL)

The CAL is a library of personality scales for use in occupational settings. With 46 separate and distinct behavioral scales to choose from, you can assemble a questionnaire focusing on the key elements of personality you want to assess and map them to your success factors, values or competencies.

  • Interpersonal style
  • Thinking style
  • Emotional style
  • Motivational values
  • Culture-fit values
  • Response style

Ability Tests

The ability tests can provide valuable information on a participant’s cognitive aptitudes. Designed to be upbeat and progressive, making demands of participants that are challenging but not threatening.

Coast ability tests enable you to understand whether people have the intellectual firepower to meet the problem-solving, decision-making and learning acquisition demands of the role.

You can combine Coast’s ability tests with a CAL personality questionnaire within a seamless Coast assessment campaign to build a full picture of the individual’s capabilities.

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