In today's business environment most companies consistently claim that they consider their employees as their most valuable asset and that they are firmly committed to developing their full potential. A grand and a promising outlook into human resources!

But is it only wishful thinking or a wise and a visionary HR strategy?

We know that those companies who do “walk the talk” and make sure that the right human talent is attracted and retained within the organization do achieve sustainable growth and enjoy financial success in today’s highly challenging business environment.

These companies in fact experience firsthand that talent makes a difference.

But how to recognize who is the right person; who has the potential for future and the drive for high performance?

Infact this overpowering issue is one of, if not the most ciritically important challenges of the leadership agenda of today.

Unida, fully aware of the talent issue offers numerous solutions and initiatives towards this end such as revisiting the existing selection and placement and career development practises to offer practical ammendments, initiating or revamping rewards and recognition programs, conducting individual or group development and assesment centers.

A more detailed description of our services are presented below:

Training and Development Programs

Unida team's strong background in the design and implementation of training programs is a big plus in helping the companies to create certification programs that are aligned with career development models. Further we also design special training programs for talent pool employees to adress individual or group needs based on Development Center evaluations.

Coaching and Mentoring - Executive And Career

Unida provides executive coaching services and mentoring support with a highly experienced and skilled team of coaches, not only in Turkey but if needed in 40 different countries around the world with the strength of BPI Group’s global network. Our aim is to help the executives reach their goals in full confidentiality and through trust based collaborative process. The coaching programs typically last three to twelve months depending on the individual goals and needs of the executive.

Besides individual coaching and mentoring services, group coaching programs can also be delivered again in partnership with BPI Group-USA. These programs are typically tailored to meet the needs of both the individual and the organization and delivered either on group or individual basis.

Career coaching services on the other hand aims to support those individuals who feel the need to consult an experienced leader coach with corporate management background in times of career transition, job offers, new assignments and role changes.Within this category we offer to help those who want to

  • Understanding and defining personal career and job expectations
  • Help support self-awareness of personality traits, competencies, strenghts and development areas and show how to best focus on and utilize these attributes for career objectives
  • Mock interviews and curriculum Vitae and cover letter preparation

Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Outplacement programs aim to support individuals or companies in successful management of the transition process.

The programs are customized to fit the organisation's and individuals' needs:

  • Understanding the needs for a career transition
  • Performing assessments to determine personality traits and competencies and defining career goals
  • Support in writing resumes, cover letters and developing interviewing skills
  • Support in job searching process

Win - Win Strategies in HR: From the Practioners' Point Of View

Unida consultants with diverse leadership and management experience in HR and core business lines see it as a genuine professional responsibility to share their insights and lessons learned throughout their long and fruitful careers with their colleagues.

HR Training programs are designed and delivered with this purpose in mind for those clients who wish to develop their HR professionals and to train and develop their business managers as strong people leaders.

These are some of the programs that have been offered:

  • All about HR: From HR The Practioner's Notebook
  • All managers are HR leaders!
  • Competency based interviews
  • Building blocks of the HR architecture